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Faucaria tuberculosa


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The Faucaria tuberculosa is a South African succulent, which grows to form low clumps of unique foliage. Its leaves can have a varying amount of ridges and tubercles, and thin white spines which have also earned this species the nickname 'Tiger's Jaw.' Within the Fauvaria tuberculosa species a large variety in these features can be found. 

Like most succulents, the Faucaria tuberculosa grows best in a gritty, well-draining mix which allows its roots to dry in-between watering. This plant prefers either full sun or partial shade, where it can get all the benefits of bright light without being scorched. 

Your plant/s will be posted bare-rooted and safely packaged. If you're interested in this item, don't miss our other succulent varieties!

Please note that unless specified otherwise, the flowers on your plant may be different to those shown in pictures. Also, your plant may vary in colour/patterning from those in the pictures, due to the nature of the species' variability, different climates, and different growing conditions. 

Unfortunately due to regulations we cannot post to WA, TAS or NT.